CBS22 2x2 LED Center Basket Selectable Lay-In Troffer
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The Techlight center basket, selectable, troffer includes the ability to adjust CCT and Lumen output with the flip of a selector switch. CBS provides impressive appearance and soothing glare diffusion, as well as high efficiency illumination and CCT adjustment, within a single fixture. Adjustments from a warm 3500K to a crisp 5000K, along with full range brightness adjustment. This fixture series allows setting of the ambiance necessary for the application, in one simple step. From welcoming entryways to invigorating office spaces, banks, supermarkets, or even libraries. This 2x2 provides an output range from 3170LM to 4560LM at 24W to 36W, with an efficacy that reaches 132 lm/w.
Low profile body with matte white sloped side members. Extruded acrylic lens. The CBS housing is constructed of structurally embossed, 22 gauge cold rolled steel. Shallow, light housing for easy installation. Post painted body with smooth sides for safe handling. Extra reinforcement in the body to create additional rigidity.
Post painted housing and components with a Lighting White Polyester type paint which has a UV stabilizer included with a 93% reflectivity. Raw steel goes through our wash system and pretreatment “rust inhibitor” before passing through a preheat oven. After the paint is applied, the fixture then passes through the cure oven for maximum adhesion. Each fixture is painted to a minimum of 2-3 mil thickness for extra durability.
Optical System
High performance LED light engine delivers illuminance through diffused frosted acrylic lens. The linear diffused acrylic lens manages the balance between efficiency and aesthetics.
Electrical System
Long life LEDs and high efficiency drivers work together to provide superior performance in an efficient package to deliver optimal performance. LEDs available in 3500K, 4000K and 5000K.Electronic drivers are available in 100-347 volt applications. 0-10V dimming capability provided standard. Bulb Operating Temperature Range -25C to 40C.
ETL IC rated for dry and damp locations.
The complete luminaire is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.