E92V Eclipse Series Elliptical Direct/Indirect Linear Fluorescent

NOTE: The Eclipse Series of designer linear fluorescent fixtures are custom built to order. Extended lead times and minimum ordering quantities may apply. Please contact Customer Service for additional information.

Spec Sheet

The E92V Direct/Indirect Luminaire is a contemporary styled fixture fit for modern interiors. They are designed to be pendant mounted via a rigid or cord pendant making them adaptable for a number of ceiling types and applications. This fixture is ideal for offices, libraries, schools, etc.
The direct/indirect lighting configuration provides ample downlight for tasks or general illumination while providing an aesthetically pleasing uplight to brighten spaces and eliminate the “cave” effect. Provided with a parabolic aluminum louver on bottom and a ribbed acrylic diffuser on top.
The housing is constructed of rigid extruded aluminum to provide a light weight load to walls. Fixtures can be individually mounted or installed in a continuous row.
Post painted housing and components with a Lighting White Polyester type paint which has a UV stabilizer included with a 93% reflectivity. Raw steel goes through our custom wash system with a mild solvent and pre treatment “rust inhibitor” before passing through a preheat oven. After the paint is applied the fixture then passes through the cure oven for maximum adhesion. Each fixture is painted to a minimum of 2-3 mil thickness for extra durability.
Electrical System
120/277 volt, 50/60 Hz. 480/347 volt available upon request. Comes standard with instant start electronic ballast for T8 applications.